Friday, July 23, 2004

curtsey while you're thinking what to say...


i suppose i should begin at the beginning. i'm just not certain what beginning to begin with. so. how's about i start with peanut butter since it is the first thing i have espied since typing commenced? good. there is a jar of peanut butter over there. over there is the other side of the kitchen. i type in the kitchen. i type with two fingers and two thumbs and a small black butterfly spaniel dozing by my feet. incidentally, small black butterfly spaniels have special fondness for peanut butter. yes. in fact, they seem to like the esteemed ground nut in all of its varied forms. the roasted, salted, shelled variety. the unsalted, roasted, in-shell sort that i feed to the blue-jays. cacahuates japones. peanut butter. cookies made with peanut butter. thai praram. etc. and now i'm bored with all of this peanut talk.


you will notice that i don't use caps. i'm not trying to steal e.e.'s thunder, i'm just a terrible typist. see aforementioned. i'm not on good terms with the shift key(s). use them sparingly. yes.


now is the time i should shake your paw and tell you my name and all of that jazz, but not today. i'm going to be a little anonymous for a spell. i know, it isn't a very bloggerly thing for me to do. it's probably a chicken shit thing to do. but there you are, i'm a little bit chicken shit. hmm. so as not to seem unfriendly, tho, here are a few facts:

1) when presented with this: check one (m) (f). i check the latter, being female and all.

2) despite my apparently atrocious grammatical combinations, when pressed i can and do turn out a perfectly crommulent sentence or two. same with punctuation. if forced, i can apply punctuation with lovely results. just don't look for it here. please. you'll be disappointed.

3) i attended a writing program in america's corn belt in order to do poetic gymnastics. jump through fiery hoops etc. if you know of which i speak, please, don't hold it against me. i'm not saying you would. you seem like good people. but then, let's not be hasty. we've only just met.

4) i like plants. life long obsession. wanted to be a botanist. now i just like to grow things.

5) birds are anonymous. why? i can't get over it. can't wrap my brain around that one.

6) i am still young...ish. i guess. i'm not sure this matters. but just in case it's keeping you up at night.

7) i like reading weblogs. i find them fascinating. tonight i decided to jump inside the fishbowl rather than just stare at it. i'm not sure why. i'm not even sure if i'll stay in the water. if i start looking all pruney and pale i might have to hie back to the dry land. yarrgh.


okay. that will be all for this evening, methinks. i'm tuckered. g'night.




Blogger witold said...

sitting on the edge of my chair, the heels touching the back legs, leaning forward, trying to see what is behind the other side of this table, looking eagerly to catch at least a little glimpse of what's next to come...
Thank you so much for starting!

4:31 AM  
Blogger dishpantheism said...

you are very welcome. :)
more to come. but now i must go and toil.

11:03 AM  

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