Friday, July 23, 2004

a little about war...

hmm. here's a little about war. i didn't write it. some guy called voltaire did. don't worry, i won't make a habit of quoting people. but today i received a letter from my friend who is stationed in iraq. i went to school with him. i'm feeling a little blue. probably not as blue as him, tho.

"peoples fall upon one another, not only without personal interest in the affair, but without knowing what it is all about. five or six belligerent powers, three against three, two against four, or one against five, all detesting one another, unite and attack by turns; the only point of agreement is to do as much harm as possible.

the most wonderful part of the infernal business is that each leader of murderers causes his colors to be blessed and, before setting out on carnage, piously invokes god. if a leader kills only a couple of thousands he renders no thanks to god for so small a favor, but when he has wiped out ten thousand by fire and sword, and leveled a town to the ground, he bursts out into a paean of thanksgiving....

what's the use of humanity, beneficence, modesty, temperance, mildness, wisdom, and piety if a couple of ounces of lead go through me and i die at the age of twenty in inexpressible torments, amidst a thousand of my dying ears hear as their last sound the cries of women and children perishing under the ruins? and all for the interest of some man i don't even know!"

i told you i was blue. i'm also in a bit of a funk. not like george clinton, but that other sort.

what a terribly long quote! there should be laws. honestly.

well, it is high time that i took the dogs for their evening perambulation. yes. g'night.



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