Friday, December 10, 2004


funny thing about living in the house which belonged to my late grandparents, there're all manner of interesting finds. tonight's desk drawer discovery: pit-- the greatest of all party games. gather round and i'll elucidate. rather, i'll sample directly from the 1919 edition rules sheet:

the greatest of all party games


copyright, 1919, by parker brothers, inc.

as many as seven people can play at one time, any age from 5 to 100!

"PIT" is pure, harmless, exciting, unadulterated fun

the great new card game


learned in two minutes

the jolliest game ever invented for an informal good time

IDEA OF THE GAME. the game is based on the exciting scenes of the american corn exchange, usually styled the "wheat pit."

...REMEMBER, from the moment the bell strikes all players must begin to trade. there is no waiting for turn. get at it immediately! players all at once. such are the manners of the wheat pit. the more rapidly the trading proceeds, in fact the greater the babel...the more ludicrous the excitement.

* * * * *

the more ludicrous the excitement, i say! tonight i've cornered the wry market.

errrm. yes.


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