Sunday, August 22, 2004

one flew over...

police helicopters are wonderful inventions. sharks of the sky. there's really not much chance for escape after one of those guys latch on. wonderful isn't it? a piece of perfection. for some reason there's one or more of those sharks of the sky flying overhead this evening. the criss-crossing search beams. a half a dozen patrol cars (interceptors). the works. not far from here there's a mental hospital. is that the right term? i kind of like sanitarium. it says what it is. it doesn't mince. you come out squeaky clean. sanitized. maybe? i don't know. maybe that's just my imagination running wild again. or asylum? they used to use that one. asylum. but there again, asylum from what? whom? isn't that the reason? i don't know. it doesn't scan. it will not compute. anyway, sometimes the sharks of the sky come looking for someone that's managed to flee asylum. which is probably good. there are some criminally insane folk there. but i always wonder. just in case.


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