Thursday, August 19, 2004

gravity broadcasting...

love-lies-bleeding is a kind of amaranth. it grows in the yard. i planted only two. gave the seedlings to the sister because she's always wanted to grow them. the tassels are so long they drag the ground. now there's a giant vase of them here. how did they happen? some predecessor found a drag on the ground more efficient than gravity broadcasting? that's one for the ask the amazing facts book. i miss those. i had them when i was wee. i really did. books with all of the answers. everything about the wasp except why. why is a fairly tall order. it attaches so well. it's all the rage this season. pink was the new black. now why. and love-lies-bleeding. not down for the count. not t.k.o. we haven't got a bleeder here! no. it's a velvet rag in place of a stab wound. because the latter would not be love. would it? i don't think. but it's just to say (ouch). that smarts, my friend. why, i could lie and bleed right now. have a drag on the ground. bluffing maybe. made every heart cry well-a-way...hard hearted barbry allen. why is a little word for so much.


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