Monday, August 16, 2004

what are birds for?

new books! woo-hoo! well, new to me, at any rate. one is called "birds in our lives." a tome. teal bookcloth and funny fifties photos. one chapter entitled, "hunting is a positive thing," which begins, "april in alabama is a time of renaissance for all living things." tell me about it. oh, and later, "...a prospect of bagging a gobbler." one really amazing photo of a day-old robin chick cradled in a teaspoon. crazy hair, that one. down. it's down, i guess. oh yeah, the first chapter: what are birds for?

also, japanese cookbook. pen and ink bestiary. the poet assassinated (apollinaire). memories, dreams, reflections (c.g. jung).

on the drive home the sea was dark and matte. it usually shines. is pale. i think there was a layer of fog over the bay. but it was beautiful. and everything smelled resinous. pine. sage. gum tree. bay laurel. hot earth smell and the smell of dried grass. greeted by lola-bean as i walked in the door. then prolonged wall drumming as she sat beneath the kitchen table behind me while i typed, tail making a dent in the wall.


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