Tuesday, August 31, 2004


i bought a papaya last night. i thought it was a good idea. maybe it was. i don't know. but i've discovered i'm a terrible papaya picker. i can pick pepinos and melons and a mean tangerine. but not a decent papaya. i wanted to save the papaya seeds and grow them. they make beautiful plants. i was under the impression that papayas are filled with seeds. i've seen them sliced in two. generally, quite seedy. but the papaya i chose is a mediocre one. not tasty. nor was it loaded with seeds. it had six seeds, and one of those was completely underdeveloped. they were a beautiful six, though. they felt like roe. i planted them. keep your fingers crossed.

in other news...

my pink lebanese tomatoes are not to be believed. errrm...i mean looking at them, you wouldn't believe their size. i've read that pink lebanese can bear fruits of one pound. mine easily weighed that much. one of them weighed considerably more, i think. HUGE! so i made pico de gallo. and i just roostered it up up in here. yum.


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