Thursday, August 26, 2004

word y'all...

if she was deaf-mute...and maybe blind, too. helen keller? i don't know. but, whoa, helen was angry and trapped. no. not the same. if she was deaf-mute. then one day she said one word. it would be the biggest word. wouldn't it? it wouldn't take much. she could go on being deaf-mute then quite happily. i think she had always been happy somehow. deaf-mute meant others were unhappy. hmm. but there's that thing if you follow films: silence affects everyone in the end. the silent, too, i suppose. maybe that is not so bad. but maybe we should, yes, let's all be silent for a moment. it makes the sounds better. if you put a hand on her you can hear her well. like an ear on the track. there's no need for vivisection. there's no need to turn her inside out. pinned to the wax pan. an anatomical discussion. why is that valuable? if you unroll a thing, spread it thin, give it to more than it is meant to be given too, then it's lost its worth, no? if you take it, if you force it, it loses worth, no? why are thousands of words worth more than one if one is the right word? why do you suppose a busy tongue is happier? why a noisy tongue?

dearth. proportion. if it is scarce sometimes it is more precious. salt used to be worth more than gold, ounce for ounce.

goad a tortoise with a scalding branch. get a toasted tortoise. take a step back and she emerges.

how many smile at you and really mean it? how many say anything to you and mean it? quantity. plankton--you can live on it, it can sustain a whale. it tastes like shit.


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