Wednesday, December 15, 2004


this morning, before dawn, big winds buffeted the car. what crossed our path resembled animals because of it. leaves leaping from ditches.

venus was very bright in the gum trees' tops. nothing was awake yet. or nothing was open. we sat by the coffee machine. it used to be 35 cents for a wee shot glass o' coffee. now the same for 75. the sign says: nescafe-- coffee with an accent. yes. two accents. two by two accents. i don't know.

pepsi-- soda with an i at the end.


pepsi-- it starts with pep.

get book learnin' with that sucrose.

a swath of crows from one horizon to the other. the largest murder i've ever witnessed. and very noisy. maybe it was a kindness.

a hawk limned up in the branches, too. just black.

later, the cashmere sweater, the pepper mill and his corpulent, salt cellar companion, and the vintage desk/wall mount pencil sharpener (ticonderoga, ticonderoga...) followed me home. less than five dollars.

tonight's walk featured the return of the frantic, skiing snowman. skiing snowman. i'll have to think on it.

oh, and he was wearing a scarf. a red one. i'll have to think on that, also.

now to make something sweet for good luck. make sweetness. just the right amount.



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