Friday, April 29, 2005

11:39 and all's well...

tonight's walk was just the pair of us. me and the bright eyes extending from my wrist. seining the dark. something akin to the angler fish.

honeysuckle. opposing headbeams. one cricket and the one reclaimed arrangement. broom is flowering too. scores about young lovers. hey ding. waiting for the mushpot to erupt. break out of a pent up state. duck. duck. duck.

distinguished for having failed. for slow. tapped into the center. simmered. pulp.

if like a net there's no going. ring me please. and just as content to sit. i'm not asking i'm telling. quite dizzy.

what does the menu dictate? engulfing glaze. spooning the lipid rich brain. catch of the day.

that's just gravy.

i'm going to sleep.


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