Thursday, July 07, 2005


such a wonderful little parcel arrived. sounds of ice water. walking maps for pleasure. and walking maps for patterns. and a wee little note. so kind. thank you, j. thank you very much! i'm enjoying the sound very much. i'm enjoying it all.

i had a nightmare about the bus crashing into an lpg rig and flames. a cooked kitten. earless. mewling emerges from wreckage and wants my lap. hideous nightmare induced by the bus ride i had endured during the day. they'll let anybody drive a bus. i swear for god they will. and then i woke this morning (another beautiful sunrise) and the radio saying things about distress in london. suddenly i wished i was still sleeping.

now you know why i like musicals.

say it loud and there's music playing say it soft and it's almost like praying...

or even

the rain in spain stays mainly in the plain...

well. i'm going to sleep now. fingers crossed. sweeter dreams.


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