Sunday, June 12, 2005


one of the pianos found a new home today. there have been two for quite some time. my piano and the other. saturation.

watched unforgiven with the sister and s.b. last night. now i finally understand in unforgiven he was totally mean/ but when he got his you really felt for gene....

had a dream that willie was on the ranch. yelping. i ran out to see what's. when i arrived (in the dark) could see silver ellipsing trails of light. swirling along through grass. i shouted for the sister but as she approached the silver ellipsing trails became hundreds of midnight deer.

some of my aloes have been touched by the sun. in a bad way. the place where they sit outside hasn't quite enough tree.

in other news...

just now the brother asked what that sound was. i dunno. sounds like a sitar. but he thought i said centaur. because apparently i know what those sound like.

i made crappy risotto for supper. it was quickly dubbed "beefsotto" for its unusual taste. by "unusual" i mean really bad. like a young calf slipped and fell in. and died horribly. and haunted my rice. here's the scary part: it was chicken risotto. oh dear....

now to end this post on a happier note. happy birthday, ranjit! on my coast you still have seven minutes of birthday time! whooot! look for something packagey on the horizon. yay!


Blogger yukino said...

Beefsotto, I think I've made that before, myself. May not have been chicken but it certainly didn't involve anything bovine. On the other hand, beef sotto -- sweet beef.

Sotto voce, in voce.

Happy birthday + 1 to ranjit, too!

12:44 AM  
Blogger dishpantheism said...

but i don't ever want my frankenrice to sing sweetly. it's scary enough without that.

11:06 PM  

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