Monday, June 06, 2005


pardon the break in posting. the squirrel army needed a dust you know. quite an undertaking and i'm still not finished. but i'm having a coffee break now.

so. first order. the mail! today was such a nice mail day! a wonderful package from bristol. so thoughtful. so kind. i can't wait to make dinosaurs! yay! thank you so much you kind kind toast loving couple from the isles. i will photograph the results.

also in the mail: a letter with a p.s. including who...kitty-chan who! hooray! this letter arrived first and thrilled me. made my day even. only a lime-colored sand flea can make my day in such a fashion.

also in friday's mail: what?! postcards from yamslugs?! i had no idea they could use a home computer. or a camera. but maybe it wasn't a yamslug at all. maybe young samson did it. he seems quite clever. what a happy girl these postcards made me. huzzah!

what else came in the mail? bills. i don't know who this bill is but i sure wish his mail would stop coming to my box. oh and dmv sent me a love note requiring me to send them a small fortune. ghastly business.

i spent a large portion of my weekend under the sink where the dish sponge lives. it's really an unpleasant realm. spores. there was a leak. the weather is warm. do the math. but i had to crawl in there on my belly and paint the new baseboards. i had a view of my kitchen sink i'd previously never taken in. somehow less than scenic. 's okay. now things smell painty.

my auntie donated a very nice table to my cause. which cause being: mare-needs-a-new-table cause. it is solid and oak. no partical board here matey. but if i happen to drop it on my toe that will be the end of my fluid stride. heh. anyway i had to sand the tabletop. over and over. electric sander. i feel bad that i probably sullied a large chunk of my neighbors' otherwise relaxing weekend. i had a face mask and ear mufflers so i didn't suffer.

oh! how did i fail to mention sooner! another bit of mail recently received: fabric! yes! a swap of epic proportions with the wonderful katey! yay! she sent me a quantity of excellent fabric. excellent i say. i don't know what to make first. i see a pillow in the works. a shoulder bag. maybe some soft toys. tra-la!

i believe i will have to put together some exciting mail of my own and send it to nice people near and far. sweet!


Blogger yukino said...

I fear the space beneath my kitchen familiars -- creatures of dust and vegetation and I *know* there is a family of mice somewhere in there too.

I ignore them for now, in the hopes that they'll ignore me.

8:56 PM  
Blogger dishpantheism said...

now i have a really amusing picture of you in my head. she scurries through the kitchen with a cup of sencha while the mice play checkers with bits of dish sponge. hmm. but maybe it's less beatrix potter than all that...

10:57 AM  
Blogger yukino said...

It's all true, if wishing makes it so.

11:29 AM  

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