Thursday, May 12, 2005


he's being a contrary feller that brother. this morning was surgery. while waiting consumed a shameful lot of loquat. stolen. from the seeds there'll be little trees. rose family. as he swam up from the bottom he answered the nurses okeee-dokeeee. can you hear me? mmmmmm. and now he demands yogurt and flavor specific. very particular. the good news is he can't move. feeling inspired to harass i am. what he reaps from being sassy.

the auto will now move in every direction. i believe she'll even hover. the men that work at the local volvo are all attractive and wear intellect specs. mark and remember.

the father paid a visit and drilled me on my pro-nunc-ee-a-shun. exquisite. hyrdogenated. banal. we differ here and align there. i've still got some maternal quirk in my sound. that i don't say winder is a blessin. i reckon.

tomorrow being a friday the flavor specified will change. however i will remain. let's us hope sleep will take some sour from the patient. that the pills do something useful. one thing i can't abide is watching untouchable misery.

souvenir cluster of loquat there. and a turpentine perfumed mango. while i hear snoring i'll have me some and sleep myself.


Blogger geegaw said...

Waiting rooms are no fun. I hope things get better for all y'all: "spectacular" even.

6:45 AM  
Blogger dishpantheism said...

thanks, gaw. things are actually pretty good today. the brother is awake and ornery. barks orders at me. in short, he seems to be nearing his natural state.

10:48 AM  

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