Sunday, May 08, 2005


it's raining. this is newsworthy. a wet year. hills and dales etc. still green in may. significant.

porco rosso. our hero is called the crimson pig. it's the first i've seen of that one. i have a substantial crush on miyazaki. he sees so much.

imbibed. coca cola. remembered why i don't drink soda. mainly my enjoyment of tooth enamel.

it's not true. sometimes i drink soda. ginger ale. bi-annual faygo (black raspberry). rare is my soda consumption. especially when iced green (black, oolong, white) tea is so nice (sans sugar).

but then sugar in thai tea/coffee is wonderful.

how did i arrive here. inconsistency. it's not a question.

dreamt the small mammalian bird wanted to clean my teeth crocodileways. i balked. bird persuaded. on the adjacent street corner. and we did. a car drove by. another. both peeling out. upon turning saw the silver leaf flaking in the ruts.

the telephone woke me up. asia. imagine what could have been!

learned a new plant today. which is actually a plant familiar to me but forgotten. the one inheritance that i kept for so long. and left too long for the frost. always wondering what was the appeal? why did she acquire? but really on the other line patience makes it flower. i never saw. not so deep. i'm not steering toward a koan. only a product of maintenance. discover over a shoulder how it's done. and that let's suppose means steps in a forward direction.

hoya. how forward. yes. let's.

oh. it was related to asclepias. those are some of my favorites.

go now and try to see lightning in my cup. rainyrainrain. that's a measure too near eddie rabbit. back away slowly.

it's hardly raining. again it's soft.



Blogger yukino said...

Porco is my favorite.

"You're going to end up roast pork someday. I don't want to attend that kind of funeral."

12:16 AM  
Blogger dishpantheism said...

heh. yeah, many great little sound clips in that one.

i didn't think i'd like porco rosso as much as the others, but i actually very much enjoyed it. it's really beautiful.totoro/kiki are still tops in my book, though.

11:05 PM  
Blogger yukino said...

I love them all and at some point or another almost all of them have been my favorite.

Porco I love because it's both his most mature and most romantic film. It's overflowing with nostalgia, too.

At some point I've bought nine different versions of Kiki on video. I am a crazy woman.

You can't not love Totoro!

(I have a special place in my heart for Whisper of the Heart, which may be the most "mundane" of the bunch, and Miyazaki didn't even direct it, though he did character designs and wrote the story)

11:40 PM  
Blogger Allolex said...

*humming the tonari no totoro pop theme*

You might want to have a look at "My Life as McDull" (from Hong Kong), which is not Miyazaki, but appeals to me on a similar level as M's "children's" stuff. I picked up the DVD on Ebay for very cheap ($5).

I haven't thought of that Eddie Rabbit tune in years. My parents were big "country" music fans in the 80's. I had quite fortunately repressed all those memories...

1:56 AM  
Blogger dishpantheism said...

thanks, damon. i'll definitely check out mcdull. "i love a rainy night" is on the soundtrack for s.b.'s videogame. i've had it stuck in my head since christmas because of it. i suppose there are worse things. still, i'm sorry if i've unrepressed the repressed.

10:09 AM  

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