Friday, May 27, 2005

sanrio assassin...

i wrote a letter the other day to my dearest friend. i had a lot to say. about 10 pages. the stationary was rice based and lightweight. i bought it about ten years ago i think. hello kitty. i never used it much because most of my letter writing opportunities required my parting with my money. a professional relationship. kitty-chan doesn't go over so well. anyhow, i wrote the aforesaid letter and began putting it in the included cloud-bedecked envelopes. the paper was too large. no problem. i know how to fold paper right? right? hmm. no matter which way i folded the paper it did not want to fit. i finally rolled it like a burrito and wedged it inside. i was just going to throw on a few stamps and toss it in the box. but as i was on the way to mail it i bumped into the father. he said, "you going to mail that?" and i said, " yeah. i figure i'll just throw some stamps on. the post office is closed. this thing has to be more than 37 cents worth." then he started talking about 9/11 and how i shouldn't just throw too many stamps on because it will look suspicious and my letter might be delayed (i.e. torn assunder and set upon by bomb dogs). so i waited until the post office was open so i could have the letter weighed and pay my .49 cents. for the record, i never deal out death with hello kitty stationary. kerokerokeroppi is far more sinister.

listening: salsa scratch-- rob swift.

bad badtz-maru! look out!


Blogger Allolex said...

I just wanted to point out that "gift" means 'poison' in German, Hello Kitty or not. ;)

3:38 AM  
Blogger dishpantheism said...

oh dear....

i've been gifting people for years. what have i done?! ;)

i forgot to say in the original that the hello kitty stationary (in continuation of the cloud theme) was round and frilly. and transparent. so, yeah, pretty much useless for the purpose of letter writing.

3:23 PM  

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