Monday, June 06, 2005

i'm taking the baton...

Total volume of music files on my computer(s):
um...i'm not sure. about 700 songs i think. i don't know how much space that occupies. not much i guess.

The last CD i bought was:
bjork's medulla. gosh i'm lazy. i just leave that ugly o in her name rather than break out the character map and add the umlaut. now she rhymes with pork or dork instead of work.

Song playing right now:
more than this--roxy music.

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:
i already answered this on gaw's blog so i'll try and switch things up here. hmm. well, most belle and sebastian songs i listen to with frequency. for some reason spring/summer has me playing "i'm a cuckoo" and "if she wants me." i also quite enjoy "there's too much love" "summer wasting" "mary jo." okay. yeah. pretty much any belle and sebastian. "judy and the dream of horses."

apart from b&s i like (and i'll number them):

1) birthday--sugarcubes. it brings back good memories. plus bjork had her screechier voice at that time. i liked the screechiness. i'm glad she can do other things with her voice. but dang it sometimes i miss the screech.

2) the lonely little thrift store-- jonathon richman. i just love me some jo-jo.

3) honeysuckle suite-- rachel's. because because because.

4) any song from the shins album "chutes too narrow." yes i'm vaguey mcgee.

5) si tu disais--francoiz breut.


Blogger Allolex said...


OK, you're totally scaring me, but in a good way.

I'm a B&S fan. It goes without saying, n'est-ce pas?

I picked up Roxy Music's "Avalon" just after Lost in Translation came out. Feature song: "More Than This". I'm a big My Bloody Valentine fan anyway, so Kevin Smith's stuff on that album was a welcome... well, it was just welcome.

I bought Life's Too Good when it came out. I still love that album, and even though I haven't listened to the entire album in several years, I now have "Birthday" stuck in my mind.

I also recently (four months ago) replaced my tape copy of The Modern Lovers. Excellent album before Jonathan Richman took his plunge back into simpler things. Interestingly (at least for me), there's a German artist named Bernd Begemann who wrote a whole song about Buddy Holly and Jonathan Richmann. If you ever hear his music, you'll see he owes them both some credit.

Now the other three I don't know at all, so I'll check them out tomorrow morning when I'm coherent again.

I'm not going to re-read what I just typed, but I suspect I've been gushing...

5:31 PM  

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