Monday, June 26, 2006

feels like thunder is coming. my barometer supports the feeling. love thunderstorms.

listening: dream-- alice smith.

incidentally looking forward to her album's release in sept. i've played this one track about twenty times this evening. i need some more of her stuff.

while catching the bus a transient asked if we knew where to purchase a hamburger. stress on the second syllable. and no sooner than said he turned heel and walked away. later in regard to the incident sister quoted that bit from pompoko about hamburgers facilitating discussion. clearly this is not the case. but like i always say: never trust a washbear with its naughty parts a-dangling.

i never say that.

another person came here searching for "pure bread" dogs. and the other day someone placed an ad in the paper because they'd misplaced their "dessert tortoise" and very badly wanted it back. i would too. those are extremely rare.

to bed.


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