Wednesday, June 14, 2006

the things that arrive in the mail sometimes puzzle me. a small unsolicited magazine about animal husbandry. inside an article about exotic pets. more specifically an article about horses. i wasn't aware that they're considered exotic. also i'm wondering who the target audience is. children? the piece finished with a q & a regarding horses. are horses expensive to keep? yes. can you keep a horse in a backyard? no. do horses require much attention? yes. somehow by the end of the q & a (read aloud by sister) i had visions of a dumpster-diving self-sufficient equine walking upright and carrying a pink bakery take-away box between its front hooves. no don't trouble yourself with my dinner. i'm good. i'll eat this and just crash on the fire escape for a few hours.


a stray cat wound itself into chain and wire. was hanging by its hind legs. i discovered it today. still alive but totally weak. this month has seen a number of animal rescues. or rescue attempts. the cat seems quite well tonight though.

the anacampseros is about to bloom. yay! it's supposed to restore love. that is the myth. i wonder what happens to unblemished love?

listening: just like a movie star-- dominique a.

good night.


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