Friday, June 02, 2006

i'm loving this mp3 blog (via i like).

listening: the zookeeper's boy-- mew.

a few weeks ago picked up a mercer mayer book called little monster's word book. i had several mayer books when small but not this one. and i think it's my new favorite. pages 34-35 contain things to do or be when you get bigger. a hobo is one option. really. i quite like the options given.

when sister was small her kindergarten or first grade class had to fill out a form about their intended professions. she wrote that she'd like to be a volcano when she grew up. most people end up in therapy trying to avoid that fate.

there's a piece of sembei that has the look of an end-of-career haggard pacman. edit: there was.

listening: i wonder why my favourite boy leaves me in the rain-- the marshmallow kisses.


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