Monday, July 26, 2004

ensure your personal charm...

to the health food store today with sister in tow. i wanted one bar of bee and flower sandalwood soap and a bottle of sandalwood hand lotion. they had neither. instead, i purchased a bar of chandrika ayurvedic soap. packaging instructs: always use chandrika to ensure personal charm. shit. had hoped to pick up bee and flower later on. but clearly it would be madness. must keep my personal charm intact.

they had reed's all natural jamaican style ginger beer. yum. i feel as though i have rooted through a ginger patch. i've never rooted through a ginger patch. i speculate.

the sister selected sparkling pear soda. after imbibing she waltzed through the room in the wake of an explosive belch and declared herself king of the jungle. king. aye caray (<---i spelt it wrong? me no know. oh brother-ish).



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