Sunday, August 08, 2004



cover your eyes. more quotes ensue. juggernaut. cannot be stopped.

"...california...the land of lonely and exiled and eccentric lovers come to forgather like birds..." --kerouac

"bird, bird, bird, bird, we cry,/hear, pity us in pain:/hearts break in the sunlight,/hearts break in daylight rain,/only night heals again,/only night heals again."---h.d.

"what did you say to me/that i had not heard./she said she saw a small bird./where was it./in a tree./ah, he said, i thought/you spoke to me." ---robert creeley

"sparrows in eaves,/mice in ceiling--/celestial music." ---basho

"may my heart always be open to little/birds who are the secrets of living/whatever they sing is better than to know/and if men should not hear them men are old" ---e.e.cummings (forgive me. eec! i quoted cummings)



Blogger dcardamone58 said...

don't forget big D, as you affectionately call him, "Adults don't realize that children can give extremely valuable advice in the most difficult situations. Heavens! When that pretty little bird looks at you, so happy and trusting, you are ashamed to betray it! I call them little birds because the earth holds nothing finer than a bird....Like little birds, they beat their wings against her window and shouted to her every evening: "Nous t'aimons, Marie." --Dostoevsky

8:10 AM  
Blogger dishpantheism said...

doh! how did i forget big d? good heavens!

4:23 PM  

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