Wednesday, August 04, 2004


the first green acorns. the edges turning. very small. all of five months past the catkins, iodine and rust, decked in the oak crowns. and, simultaneous, the hazel-spotted fawns. now the germ falls down. the cream, the wax sodden distaff-- blown horsechestnut bloom. followed after, the green wasp-soft casing, the doe-eyed seed drops. here they are poisonous, chestnuts. not to be roasted, hovered above, devoured. not like the iced-over corners that steam in a december east. no nutriment. emetic. unless: there is a trick to leach them clean. then they are worth all the cold in winter.

"april in paris...chestnuts in blossom..."
doe's eye. dosey-doe. dos à dos. does he know.

we'll sit with our backs together. wear paper hats. ask thirty questions. when the crown falls down it will be blooming. we'll see.

that's a memory. very small and green. five months gone. nearly. near.


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