Sunday, August 01, 2004


he's a pervert. did you know about the dog bite? working hard or hardly working? gonna be warm today. i'll take a half-pint of j.d., pumpkin. (unintelligible). well, that guy is a chump. well, that guy is coooool. dogs should be on leashes. leashes, but they're just babies, just babies. what time do you get off? una tarjeta. no, otra. did you hear about -----?! ahem, do you still you mean porn? of course! sweet little thing like you don't have a boyfriend? back in my day.... i was working iron before you were born! can you tell me how to find ---- street? so, uh, live around here much? what a bitch! (garble, garble). wave bye-bye! been slow today? good book you've got there. ceeegars? knocked-up. change for a quarter? that's a lot for so little. is this the only flavor? check back later.


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