Saturday, July 31, 2004


puddin'n'tame: a euphemism for big d. ol' scratch. el diablo.

q: what's your name?

a: puddin'n'tame. ask me again and i'll tell you the same.

for some reason this is what i was instructed to say as a child when strangers asked my name. hmm. i suppose making me look insane would be a good deterrent against potential nappers. somehow i think my elders were blissfully ignorant of the origins of this call and response. it isn't likely they'd send me into the neighborhood to proclaim my reign over the minions of the under regions.

*                        *                           *                         *                        *                           *

and entirely unrelated-----> enkerchief, to cover with or to enfold in a kerchief. 

hmm. that one's going in the ol' word bank.



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