Wednesday, July 28, 2004

i'm a little teapot...

stuff and nonsense. i'm not a teapot at all. but i have a little teapot. it's brown and enamel. the handle is some kind of bamboo-ish material. i paid something like $2 for it at the goodwill. that was last winter, i think. if it is possible to have a crush on the inanimate then i have a crush on my teapot. i'll seek out an analyst. i swear.

when i look at the little pot i hear jo-jo richman sing, "and the avocado green appliances/with the smell of domestic violences/and the dusty farberware/ and the rusty dinette chair/ and the lonely little thrift store/ the hard luck little thrift store where i go/ yeah! allright!" hmm. or something like that. i tend to mangle lyrics.

once, when i was in high school, richman played a show about eight miles from where i live. it was a 21 and older show, tho. i was never more angry at my genetic make-up. unlike a good many of my friends, i was disastrously underprepared and underdeveloped to fake my way through the door. damn!

aaaand cue rambling.


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