Friday, July 30, 2004

what a little moonlight can do...

how is moonlight such a thing apart from sunlight? tonight: fire hydrant, red without doubt; carriage house color of goldenrod; silver thistle along the mercantile fence. and everything, everything filtered, milk-blue, sighted through membrane and caul.

tonight's combination: green tea and chocolate. i could call it sencha and chocolate. sencha and chocolate. cent shy and chalk a lot. sancho and cock a lot. what happens if i call it sancho? it means he comes quietly. he comes, quietly. succumbs quite(ly). sucks crumbs quickly. sets drum nicely. sexed on nightly. sent up brightly. softened child'shly. so often changling. 's on chambre. sun change late.

anyway. it's a great wide nation. when i drift off to sleep it will be nearing dawn on the other side. mussel strewn atlantic. morning pelicans. birds sing. sunrise over a tim horton's. :)





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