Thursday, July 29, 2004

on the lam...

today while i was away from the house, toiling, i received a phone call. lola had jumped the fence. this is what i get for having a sheep herding dog. she can jump like the dickens. she doesn't like to be parted from me. obviously, i couldn't just run away from my duties and chase around after her. i sent my siblings to do it for me. what a good thing to have them so close at hand. before long, i saw my brother drive by with lola in the cab of his truck. but at the end of the day, on my trek home from toil, who should be sitting in the green shade of the walnut trees at the mouth of the alley? yes. lola dog. just waiting. and when i scolded she smiled a gigantic grin and behaved like a total suck up. and it worked. easily charmed, i am. it was unclear how she made this second escape. the mystery was soon solved, however. yup. she just tore through the brand new window screen and jumped out the window. grr. what love. maybe i should train her to use the front door. far less costly that way.



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