Saturday, July 31, 2004

pet names...

actual pets i have known and loved:

alowishus. lola. pesto. willie. sloth. bertrand. klaus. pekoe. satchmo. maggie. captain bubblesqueak. scrappy. blossom. ruben. fletcher. lucy. chingaso. semseus. caesar. fud. simon. maybelle. sorbo. sack. sugar. pywacket.

(cat, current)(dog, current)(pigeon, deceased)(dog, present)(cat, present...ancient)(cat, present)(cat, present)(cat, present)(dog, deceased)(cat, m.i.a.)(cat, present)(goat, deceased)(pigeon, deceased)(dog, deceased)(dog, deceased)(cat, deceased...evil bastard)(cat, deceased)(goldfish, fancy, deceased)(cat, deceased)(cat, deceased)(cat, m.i.a.)(cat, neighbors'/fictive/deceased)(cat, deceased)(cat, deceased)(cat, deceased)

actual names for yours truly:

pooh (bear). lungfish. plank. mooie. moo-ox. motsy. ember. spider eggs! juice. mcmuffin. mercr'y. milkshake. mercr'y mild. m. dollar. bug.

shit (bear) or bear of very little brain. blech. anatomical. bovid. bovid. grandmotherly. hot. breakfast cereal expletive! can't recall. alliteration. ?. i shake it. ??. mysterious. monetary. grandmotherly.



Blogger Allolex said...

My friend Evan and I kept on renaming our pets. I think Evan started it, with renaming "Nikki" to "Siegfrieda" and "Smokey" to "Speedfreak". I benefitted from Marmalade's transformation into Mallarmé--un coup de dés jamais n'abolira le hasard.

1:41 PM  

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