Tuesday, August 03, 2004

same song, different night...

a little pear cider and the sleep is already descending. don the peacoat, thread the close alley, the heavy dusk. the pied cat hides under my feet, shrinks to eyes only, white chevronned muzzle, and vacates in the last moment. someone whistles high the other side of the dog-eared fences, the fig hedges, the fruitless brambles. don't know the song. nobody knows the song. what was old is new again. or something.

"hallelujah give us a handout/hallelujah amen..." is not the song. but this is the notion.

could it be a love song? the lines "hallelujah give us a hand(out)/to revive us again..." it's not the song. it's the notion. or maybe it's the cider. tonight the walk makes them a distiguished pair (pear?).



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