Tuesday, August 31, 2004


oh the letters may swim. we may drown a little. have had a little cider. not much but i'm a lightweight. oh, i don't know. two hard ciders and i'm drowsy and everythign is swimmy. or drowny. watery, in any case. wavy. i ramble.

there were so many bats tonight. so, so many. i couldn't count if i tried. they were everywhere. they were over the car. it was warm. air was thick. hot. before the cider. on the way to the cider. on the way home. now after the cider i am warm but the air is cool. it's getting on. that's why. why it's cooler.

no preserver. no bouyant donut. try ands spell buoyant. boy-ant. when youre a little snockered. boooy-ant. i've met one of those. a boy ant. he craved meat but couldn't eat it. nevermind.

and for the record i hate the comma. it's personal. what has it ever done to you, mare? plenty, i tell you. plenty. and look, there it is. and again. damn it!

i'm going to boycott. no more with the comma. uh-uh. no way.

and why. and why. and why.

why is my favorite. we get along swimmingly. at least tonight. get it? swimmingly. my humour is that bad.

i go.


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