Tuesday, September 14, 2004

impulse control...

somebody needs to stage an intervention for me. i can't get a handle on my plant buying/loving/stealing impulses. today i went in search of a pot for the kaffir lime tree. i'll have to bring it indoors soon and the thought of arranging it in the sunny room in its black plastic nursery pot just does not thrill. i had seen a pot that i liked quite well. i went to buy that pot. when i saw it again i decided it was not as wonderful as i first believed. so i drove to another nursery. did i find a pot there? no. did i buy a lemon verbena, moroccan mint, basil and a staghorn fern? sadly, yes. in my defense, the lemon verbena was very root-bound and needed rescuing. i will not try and make excuses for the other purchases. i have an especial weakness for staghorn fern. and i like eating moroccan mint and basil (not at once...i mean, not simultaneously). charged with one simple task and what do i do but buy more plants. consequently: more black plastic nursery pots. what i need to do is go to the salvage yard and find any unwanted pleasingly rusted metal thingamajigs in which to plant things. i have a number of those already. i could end up with a matched set. hurray! and i won't risk running into any more growing things there...unless you count the proprietor's nose hairs...eeeeeeeeeh.

the aloe arborescens pups still need pots, too. splayed out on the portuguese chair. aerial roots in the, well, in the air.


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