Thursday, September 09, 2004

shout! shout! let it all out...

today, a woman came and shouted at me. she was not angry at me. she was angry at my superior, but decided to tell me about it. oh, maybe she was a little angry at me, too. merely because i was there. convenience. the funny thing is, i had no idea who she was or what she was yelling about until she spun on her ridiciulously clad heel and left. an introduction would have been super. "hi, i'm so-and-so johannson..." "hello, i'm bill blah-didi-blah..." and so forth.

it has been intolerably hot here. maybe the heat is getting to people. maybe it's the alignment of the stars. maybe lack of fiber. dehydration. car alarms. flies. maybe bread that molds before the date (that gets me). maybe what's making us itchy under the collars is the thought of some young'uns dying over in that other hot place (that one also gets me). warts. acid reflux disease. finger sandwiches. sap on the windscreen. indiscriminate highbeams. plastic bags. static electricity. aging. jingle bells. overactive bladder. cracks in the pavement. torn awnings. table tennis. snot. cold feet. waste paper baskets. basset hounds. stoplights. red hair. elaborate handshakes. neck cracking. bologna. squeeze from the bottoms. atomic ----. lint. dry mouth. over-under-through-the-loop. fuck(ing). trout. paranoia. the sky falling. w. tuition. penicillin. television. instant replay. lottery. never looking up. looking up.

so many things piss people off. and there is no map. and a compass wouldn't help at all. jaaaa-haaaaaa. etc.

i'm not going to proofread. those mistakes are half my charm.


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