Thursday, September 02, 2004


listening to m.ward now.

thai food makes me happy. especially, when i'm very, very hungry. i had thai food for dinner. threaded the crowds and bought four stems of tuberose. i'm so fond of tuberose. i could say some fawning and obscene things about those. i could. nothing should be that beautiful. or smell so nice.

so we've got quite a trinity. tuberose, thai victuals, m.ward. i've had a lovely thursday evening.

hell yes. m. ward makes me want to go driving a long drive to nowhere. go buy an m.ward album. i'm not joking. do it now!

and stop to smell the tuberoses...tuberose....

also, pick up a lila downs album. i saw her sing in mission san luis obispo de telosa several years ago. the harp. the unearthly wail that lady lays down. aye! give her a listen. please.


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