Wednesday, September 01, 2004

and one more thing...

today a man came in and gave me money. i'm a clerk. it's nothing shady. nothing unladylike so don't get your knickers in a twist. he gave me damp money. and that, if you like, can twist your knickers. it sorta twisted mine. and he had nails like that guy in the bible that wandered around and grew hairy and beasty. nebuchud... nebechnezzzzzer. hell if i know. i tried to cheat and use this handy dictionary right over there. it didn't have ol' neb in there. oh, you try and spell with some ciders under your belt. bah! anyway, he gave me wet money. and he never speaks. he only grunts. no kidding. grunts. and he breaths through his mouth and his tongue spills out a little. and he glares. and i always wonder why the money is wet. and someone else that gave me wet money said, "sorry. it's wet. i've been sweating." and i thought, i really did, i thought, i prefered mystery. and how.

p.s. kids
ixnay on the ickinglay of the andshay after touching the oneymay. rule number one. wash the paws.


Blogger dishpantheism said... again. maybe i was thinking...there's that other hairy guy...epic of gilgamesh...inkadu. i spelt that wrong, too? heeemrrm. dunno.

12:07 AM  

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