Friday, September 03, 2004

birds again...

"i made my bed in the house of night,
and thought no bird could sing without light.
but a star shakes gut, and the moon, a gong,
though the throat of the bird is hushed in song."
--c. rakosi

"an ideal/like a canary/singing in the dark/for appleseed and barley." --c. rakosi

"he sows a bird in her knickers..." --björk

"mash the cobalt/and the carnelian/of that bird..." --lorine niedecker

"a slit of light/at no bird dawn---/untaught/i thought..." --lorine niedecker

"i rose from marsh mud,/algae, equisetum, willows,/sweet green, noisy/birds and frogs..." --lorine niedecker

"they were like birds beating their wings against her window and calling to her every morning, 'nous t'aimons, marie.'" --dostoevsky

"thou wast not born for death, immortal bird!/no hungry generations tread thee down;/the voice i hear this passing night was heard/in ancient days by emperor and clown..." --keats

"is there any one among you,/ o spectators, who would lead/with the birds a life of pleasure,/let him come to us with speed/all that here the laws condemn,/ with the birds is right and proper,/you may do it all with them..." --aristophanes

"...'tis a bird you are always repeating;/a rumour's a bird, and a sneeze is a bird, and so is a word or a meeting,/ a servant's a bird, and an ass is a bird..." --aristophanes

"then shall i turn my face, and hear one bird/sing terribly afar in the lost lands." -- (e.e. as sung by)björk

"you are worth hundreds of sparrows..." --sparklehorse


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