Thursday, September 09, 2004

street fair...

tonight we rode the bus for free. over the mountain and down to the bustling street market. tuberose had. also, pepinos. those are relatives of the eggplant and the tomato. nightshade family. they are somewhat egg-shaped. the skin is smooth and white but when they are good and ripe the skin turns golden. they have aubergine stripes. oh, and they smell wonderful. like a cherry tomato and a melon. that's what they taste like, too. melon, cherry tomato, maybe a little like mango. i brought home three of them. they aren't quite ready yet. i'll leave them on the tabletop to ripen.

plucked a begonia leaf from the potted one in the coffee shop. the underside the color of brick. topside blue-green with metallic specks. keep our fingers crossed it roots in the glass of water.

the entire house smells like tuberose from just three stems.

lila downs sings a song about the deceased and marigolds.

i'm shutting down this box now. g'night.


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