Wednesday, November 03, 2004


i'm quieted down a bit now. still angry, though. and confused. very confused. i don't understand how so many people can raise w. up as an example of fine moral leadership. he is shipping our youth off to die. he is murdering innocent people. and he's doing it all for his own selfish, manipulative reasons. and he claims that he has the christian god on his side. this is terribly frightening. why do people still believe he has the moral high ground? maybe i've answered my own question. god is on his side. they've got a mutual friend. secret handshakes. i'm not christian, but that is just not right. i'm very offended. jesus, according to christianity, is the complete opposite of w. jesus is the embodiment of peace. pacifism. he's about loving thy neighbor. turning the other cheek. he who is without sin casts the first stone. etc. etc. last i checked he wasn't about killing folks, deceit, hatefulness, fear. maybe the bible i read as a child was prettied up by a mindful translator. who knows. maybe bush's bible has been creatively edited. i'm just really disgusted right now.

expatriation. i keep reading this word on blogs from around the globe. it makes me feel good that people in other places can see that re-election was not the will of the entire nation. there was resistance. it's nice to see these other gentle people inviting us to leave this place if we just can't stomach what it is becoming. i wouldn't mind leaving either. but i love my home. i love my state. i love my little town. i don't think it's right that i should have to leave my home because some boob is seeking to destroy it. i'd rather (for the time being, anyway) wait it out. try to love my neighbor. try not to seethe. try to do something to turn things back the other direction. try not to let the bitterness i'm feeling right now overtake me.

so maybe i'm not quieted down right now. but the yapping is, perhaps, coming from a nicer place.

i'm not going to check my spelling or proofread. i've had a glass of alcohol. i probably didn't talk sense above anyhow.


Blogger Charles said...

Tell me about it. It seems that all these so called evangelicals care about is abortion and keeping gay people from being happy. I seem to remember some parts of the bible saying something about not killing, loving thy neighbor, acceptance, understanding, etc., etc., etc. And, it amazes me that people don't see that we are creating more terrorists than we stop and the only way to truly end the hatred is to get at the root of the problem, our foreign policy. Well, I've been saying the same things all day and they get less and less interesting each time so I should just stop now. Flipping through these blogs, though, it's comforting to see others who are just as confused as me.

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