Thursday, October 28, 2004

sugar to the third power...

bjork is crooning. stick around for joy. it isn't my favorite cubes album but i do like it a lot. hit. this wasn't supposed to happen....

* * *

we used to play with those ten cent scuba guys and ten cent paratroopers. the paratroopers were my favorite. diaphanous chutes. you throw them into the air and wait until they come down. in the meantime you do a lot of standing. that's how today feels. lots of standing. it's not nearly as fun standing on the ground as it is falling to the ground, i imagine. and i can't make the tea or walk around the block until the trooper lands.

* * *

my friend should be coming home from iraq soon. he may already have arrived, actually. i really want the slaughtering of folks to stop. it makes me rabid about the election. it makes me snap at my friends and family and strangers (everybody, really) in an effort to get them to vote. i don't especially enjoy the idea of a two party system. i think it's silly. but in this instance kerry is looking pretty good.

* * *

now bjork's singing about a poor nurse. great and soft. she can squirt a long way. i've never met a nurse that couldn't. i'm making that up. i don't even know what i'm saying.

* * *


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