Monday, October 25, 2004


there was a figure under a blanket, reclining on a sofa. i walked across the room. lifted the end of the blanket. burrowed up under it next to this figure. he was invisible. we were crying. the blanket was over our heads. it was dark. then somehow i saw him. translucent. church candle-ish. all of the features painted and back lit from somewhere inside. then he went back to being invisible. then he attached himself to my neck in a really rather nice way. afterward i went outside. rather, i found myself outside. spring. coldish. it was raining. just spitting really. barely rain. but evidence suggests i missed a downpour. the trees dripped. the moss oozed. the invisible man was speaking to me. i couldn't see him. i was getting frustrated. i wanted to sit. there was no place to sit. i walked instead. he gave directions. go this way. go that way. step over that puddle. i'm right over here. still i couldn't find him. i said, "damn this tropical weather!" which didn't make sense. dismay. it was cold rain. shy of tropic. and i woke up up before the invisible man could be found again.

it was a very vivid dream. the sort you aren't happy about leaving. the sort one isn't happy about leaving.


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