Saturday, October 23, 2004


looking through the trunk of the foredame's (is that a word? no matter. 'tis now.) sheet music and discovered a magazine. april 1923. quite a number of very cool patterns i'd give my incisors to mail away for now. oh, it was a needlework and householder's type magazine. lots o' advertisements for oatmeal, pears' soap, fels-naptha, freckle remover, underarm protectant shields, corsets and almond face powder. the. good. old. days. apparently, sarsparilla could save the world. and here i believed it would damage my internal organs. nach.

it's a long, long way to tipperary...

i wonder how many times she played that. or who she played for. who sang to the greatest girl i know...

i also wonder why little boys stopped wearing mary janes. somehow they became too girly. the shoes, i mean. how's that? i don't know.

the sister's beau liked the sheet music trunk. found some nice old books. mendelssohn and others.

i go.


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