Tuesday, October 05, 2004


last night while walking the corridor i saw something by my feet. stooped. scooped. a tiny frog! pacific chorus frog (formerly known as pacific tree frog). i couldn't leave it behind because he'd surely be waffled in a most unfriendly fashion. it was dark. the people behind me wouldn't stop in time. they were talking about something very engrossing. he sat very still in my hand. i carried him palm open. almost to the olive tree and he vaulted up and out of my paw and landed wetly. i was afraid to look. resilient little shit. he hopped into a dark corner and i kept on. he didn't even water my hand. thankfully.

myshkin is the one i keep thinking about. i did enjoy that one. it's a lot to think about.

he's playing (not myshkin) the untuned pye-anna in the other room. it sounds very spooky. like a haint house. suck my breath etc. etc. i do like the sound, though. this is probably the most appropriate month for such.


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