Friday, October 01, 2004


i woke up to rain this morning. very light rain. a tease. outdoors it smelled like damp asphalt. i like that. but i was a little sad when i realized that the dampness on the ground was all that could be wrung out of the clouds. disappointing. we're in a drought here. so, so dry.

found an album tonight that has haunted my wishlist for quite a while. two discs. antidote, jenny toomey. i found it in the used section (yay!) for a third of the price. victory is mine, quoth she.

a friend offered to make me a cd. woo-hoo! i do love that. it makes me so happy. compilation/mix discs are objects of fascination. why that song? why? why begin with that tune and end with this other one? hmm. i also get a kick out of fashioning comps. yup.

will now listen to beta band, jenny toomey, k, rachel's, desmond dekker, susanna and the magical band, mary timony, mice parade.... so on and so forth. it's a musical evening.


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