Friday, September 17, 2004

dem bones...

horse. wild hog. bobcat. housecat. gopher. songbird. current skulls in my collection. the horse skull is one of my favorites. the songbird is one of the other favorites. ends of a spectrum. the horse skull was a gift from the auntie. it was one of her horses. she ranches still. i'm not sure which horse is resting its head on the piano. the songbird skull is about the circumference of my thumbnail. wee. it came from an owl ball i found under a date palm. owls vomit the bones and fur of their prey. i also claimed the gopher skull from such a vomit ball. i'm quite a ghoul. what's even more ghoulish: the bobcat head came from roadkill. yes. i boiled all of the indecent and gory bits from the head and then bleached it. eeeew. and the housecat head was my old pal jack the marmalade guy. he disappeared for weeks. quite unlike him. then i found his remains, perfect skeleton, under the grapevines (grapevine...that's funny). alas, poor jack.... anyhow, i like skulls. cat skulls are wonderful. the ratios. the eye sockets are incredibly large in relation to the rest. everything is dwarfed by those spaces. it's remarkable. hog skulls are scary. blunt. hogs have very strong necks and shoulders. they are hard to stop. hard to maneuver. if a hog wants to go somewhere, good luck stopping them. oh, but they hate having their snouts tampered with. the very tender ends. anyway, the skull, the head, seems representative of the whole. the horse skull is all about length, reaching, digesting. it's like an envelope knife. the bird skull is thin, near transparent, sharp, large-eyed. it's like a bird skull. it's like a bird skull. and when i can think of something else it's like....


Blogger darth said...

i used to walk by this store in berkeley: it was quite fascinating.

9:32 PM  
Blogger dishpantheism said...

thanks for the link! very cool.

1:35 AM  

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