Thursday, September 16, 2004


dreamt i was washing my hands. when i was unsuccessful, and quite frustrated, i woke up. my hands were clasped above me, wringing together, knitted. actually, the pinkies cuffed together. i wear a plain silver ring on each pinkie finger. one ring was a gift from my brother's friend when he came back from mali. that was nearly fifteen years ago. it's my favorite ring. but it wasn't made for fingers. it was made for toes. it's hammered silver, adjustable, a bit of overlap for sizing. this extra bit key-ringed onto the band on my left-hand pinkie. i was manacled. it was aggravating. in my pre-alarm torpor, i couldn't quite figure out what was real. was i dreaming my pinkies were tied together? was i really washing my hands? and then when everything sorted itself: how do i get untangled? answer: use the teeth. ah, teeth! nature's toolbox.

in the manner of...

will-dog. he used his ridiculous butter-teeth to pry open several peanuts that had fallen out of the peanut cupboard. yes. peanut cupboard. don't you have one, too? anyway, i know it's wrong to sit back and chuckle at the poor guy as he tries his damnedest to get at the nut. but dang it's funny. i felt bad and cracked the first one when i saw that he was struggling. but then i just watched. it's mean. i know.

the weather's a-changin'. woo-hoo! i like autumn. to celebrate i went for a walk in the chilly air and ate a pear.


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