Friday, September 24, 2004

change up...

rules are to be broken/defy category/switch up styles like lee 'scratch' perry...

listening to herbaliser-- good girl gone bad. i'm a good girl, i am, oh so solid...but when she was bad she was oh so horrid.

i like.

tonight it was one rouge vif d'etemps pumpkin, one stargazer lily, two stems tuberose. the pumpkin really is vivid...and red. the lily, fragrant. lillies rock. and the tuberose resemble vulcanized teats. rubbery, blushed. udders from some unknown crypto-cow.

looking through the old boxes tonight. found a pair of beautiful black kid-skin gloves. 1940? dunno. but from some other era. to my surprise the ring box actually contained a wedding band. i'm not sure whose tether was secured in the spring-steel case. i suppose it doesn't matter. it isn't mine. i laid it back where it belonged.

now to put me where i belong. to bed, to bed.


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