Tuesday, September 28, 2004


yes, i was really in bed still when it happened. that's another story, though. it was a rather lengthy quake. i didn't duck and cover. i just laid in bed and listened to the glass fixtures tinkle and the bed squeak. i only got up when i heard lola crying in the hall. she is not a fan of earth shaking. oh no. the aftershocks were quite large, too. i generally don't think too much about quakes because i don't live in a city. there isn't much that could fall and injure me here. well, i used to think that...until last december's quake killed two women just north of where i live. thankfully, i haven't heard anything about any injuries this time around. hmm. i really do like feeling the earth pick up and tremble under my feet. but this morning's quake is as large as i like them to get. no larger.

tornadoes still scare the bejesus out of me. fortunately, tornadoes are scarce in my particular region. phew.

in other news...

my car has decided not to shift into reverse (willful). at all. i'll be forced to circle the globe for a loaf of bread. that will be mighty pricey. prohibitive even.


Blogger darth said...

i didn't feel it, and feel rather embarrassed about that.

4:35 PM  

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