Sunday, October 03, 2004


he asked why i had a nail through my hair. it could hurt somebody, if you know what i mean. but rewind to the morning and i had dispensed a few squ**zes without damage. i think it will be fine.

this evening the corpse of the chicken carried through. he said, dead man walking. i was amused, kid.

at noontime there were acorns by the one-mile-bridge. a jar of cold tea and paper bags. the weather took a turn and the cool dampness vanished. it was downright hot. doffed the sweater. he gave me a copy of that album. i noticed granite chips in the dry wash. tiny arroyo.

at moments i can only remember the b-movies and how big is god? what's your major? what's he sitting on?

the answers are demonstrations. learn by doing. or something.

heartburn. that's a medical condition.

heartache. that's a conditioner.

paging. pager. pagination. if you could draw. if you had a flipbook. if it relayed. love! love! love! and pyrotechnics. yeah!

turn out your pockets. another demonstration. if.

there was one tri-colored continent. the loved ones could make a single-celled decision.

split. if you know what i mean.


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