Tuesday, October 19, 2004


after dark the wind picked up again. it started pouring. that was right after the sister's beau and the brother discussed heads and tails and gold and the ups and downs of six monkeys. laws of averages or something. i was knitting a new blue watchcap. i wasn't following. it was stir crazy time. we were all tired of being cooped. a walk! so my sister asked if she could wear my yoda coat. giggles. yes, you can wear my yoda coat, seeing as how i can no longer wear it without the running commentary. more giggles. i was going to throw the coat away or donate it to goodwill anyhow. it looks fetching on the sister, though. but regrouping, i can't wear the coat anymore because of the unfortunate way i have of laughing sometimes. if i attempt any sort of laughter stifling i sound just like yoda. it's true. well, yoda, and also a bit like betty rubble of the flintstones (i hate that cartoon). after i have a good yoda laugh the sister's beau begins glossing a la yoda and giggling too. which makes me laugh harder. which makes me stifle more. which...well, it's a progression i won't relate in its entirety. you get the gist. oh, the sister joins in, too. it's fabulous. so, we went for a walk in the storm. i donned another hooded coat which thus clad i cannot be accused of looking yoda-ish. the walk was nice. the water beaded. i could hear it thumping on the wool awnings over my ears. i liked that. branches were strewn all over the streets. i liked that also. the wind! it rocked. and now i'll have something hot to drink.

,,,,,, .....

ps- i've left some punctuation there for you, gentle reader(s). sprinkle liberally if the absence offends. maybe i should leave one or two of these as well ;;;;;;; all better.


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