Monday, October 11, 2004

catch up...

it's quite astonishing what can happen in the course of a few days. lost my job...well...hmm. lost is perhaps not the word. i had already given notice at the very end of september. i said that i could work until the last week of october. plenty of time for my employer to find a replacement. and then i asked for a day off. (i've only done this one other time. i was sick. i called and said so. i had the day off.) anyway, two days total i've asked to spend doing things other than working. and this second time that i asked i was fired. nevermind that i spent the first month of my employment working double shifts to cover for someone else and didn't have a single day off during said month (and didn't gripe about it). grr. i'm whining. yes, i would like cheese with that whine, thanks ever so much.

but! the day i was fired i spent walking along the firebreak road. gorgeous. mare's tails. the sky so fucking blue! i think it was worth it. a hereford swung her udders into a clump of red poison oak. snowberries slumped along the barbed wire. old man's beard cascading out of the oaks. hen of the woods and turkey tail imbricating the trunks. empty milkweed boats. we decided a sip of the shine would have really added a bit of polish to the day. it was the sister and her beau and me. it was a good day.

the next day we went to see canyon and bought apples. mutsu and empire. the mutsu snap upon being bitten. i dig that. and they're tasty. tart.

i made pasties and we drank cider and watched the appendices for the lord of the rings. it was unanimously held, though verbal declarations were tacitly agreed taboo, that we are nerds. any doubts were vanquished when the next movie selection materialized: league of extraordinary gentleman. and further-- i continue saying, behold nautilus! sword of the sea! and elocuting like it's 1929. i know how to party.

tonight as we were climbing the hill next to the church, after passing a big mac wrapper in the road:

sister: did you hear that destiny's child is going to be the new mc donald's spokes...person?
me: i think i've already glimpsed their destiny.
in tandem: obesity! cardiac arrest!

also tonight, i carried willie through a weed patch, an acitivity i do not particularly relish. spaniels are notorious for periodontal problems and wicked bad corpse breath. willie is incredibly cute, however. we were cutting through the weeds to avoid being run over by some crazily weilded suv. someone had just squealed away from the closed liquor stop at incredibly rapid speed. i, too, become testy when i can't get a drop of shine at 10:30 in the evening on a monday. kidding. i get testy about other things. like nearly being run over.

hmm. i've just read over this post and i've decided i watch too much t.v. already. i was afeared of that. damn.

d--- i'm reading dead souls. i've read the collected short stories of gogol but not dead souls. i'm enjoying it thoroughly. weeeee!

i go.


Blogger dcardamone58 said...

Dead Souls=(for me) a bit of a letdown. Glad you're enjoying it, hopefully as much as I am your "wee" picture. I just perfer the stories. Just read the "Overcoat" again, so I'm biased. No, Dead Souls is fun. Just not done. Like most of us.

Boo for no hangout while I was done there. Boo I say!

12:28 AM  
Blogger dishpantheism said...

i will read the overcoat again. we'll discuss.

yes, i'm sad we didn't have some hang out time while you were on my turf. turf. next i'll be asking you to rumble. who says turf? but yes, i miss ye, d.

glad the wee me pleases. :)

1:36 AM  

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